From St. Clair High School, Flurb is a small but prosperous robotics team that had its rookie year in 2016.

In 2016 we competed at the FIM Southfield district and FIM Marysville District events.

In 2017 “Flurb” competed at the FIM Waterford district and the FIM Marysville District with a robot called “Junior”.

In 2018 “Flurb competed at the FIM Southfield district, FIM Gull Lake, and the Michigan State Championships. The 2018 season was our most successful yet. We made it the Semi-Finals in Southfield, the Finals at Gull Lake, and the quarterfinals at the Michigan State Championships.  The quarterfinals at the Grand Rapids Girls Competition. The finals at the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition. “Nancy” was the robot we competed with this year

In 2019 we are registered for the FIM Marysville and Gull lake district events. We plan on adding more events as the season gets closer. We do not know what this years game will entail, but are very excited about the possibilities Destination: Deep Space will bring.