2018 Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition

Congratulations to the St. Clair High School’s FIRST Robotics team 5843, Flurb, for playing tough all-day Saturday at the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition in Bloomfield, Michigan. Flurb ended the Qualification Rounds ranked 19th and was selected to join the 2nd seed alliance comprised of the Team 2834 Bionic Black Hawks of Bloomfield Hills, Team 3539 the Byting Bulldogs of Romeo, and Team 3414 the Hackbots of Farmington. The alliance breezed through the quarter and semifinals only to be defeated in the Finals. Way to go Flurb!

-The St. Clair High School FRC Team 5843, Flurb, is comprised of students from the high schools of East China School District and participates in the FIRST FRC robotics program. For more information about FIRST and the FRC program you can visit their website https://www.firstinspires.org/about/vision-and-mission.

Hello world!

Hello Internet!  As a member of Flurb (one of the ones working on the website in fact), I am totally pumped to be posting our first (and hopefully not last) blog post!  There is absolutely no content in this post, other than the fact that we are trying to launch this website.  If you want to stop reading this, feel free to check out our gallery or facebook page to catch up on the relevant stuff.