Saturday March 2, 2019

Hey guys is a moderately early Saturday morning and the Flurb crew is all at the practice field. Our business team is printing vinyl sponsor stickers for the bots glass side paneling. The programmers are playing with the robots arm and its positioning. We are also beginning to come up with our pre- scouting questions.

February 27, 2019

Hey guys this is a bit of flashback to last Wednesday which was the 27th of February. On that fun day quiet a bit happened, that was the day that our whole team visited one of our sponsors Henshaw’s building. Well we were their we unveiled our new pit that they funded. Its completely custom done with lots of unique features like red back lighting, etched glass, TVs and lots of other really cool details. So back to the beginning that day we left our high school right after our last class, but not before we all put on our matching Flurb gear. After that we blasted off to the Henshaw building to show off the pit. When we got there we showed off the pit and answered lots of questions. We wrapped up the night by all grabbing food as a team and setting up back at the practice field.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hey Flurbies welcome back, today were at the BWARA practice field. Were here making extremely last minute adjustments to our robot because tonight is bag day. Which means by the end of the night our robot will be put into a bag and we won’t be able to touch it until the official start of week zero competitions. Which will actually take place this Sunday at the BWARA field where all of the blue water area teams will get together and revel this seasons bots and get to test them out. So as far as last minute preparations go our programmers are playing with our robots controls and such. The builders are tying up their loose ends. Well business is adding our sponsor logo stickers. Happy bag day folks that’s all for tonight.

Thursday February 7, 2019

Hey guys welcome back today’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon with a high of 46 degrees (kidding well , not really but that was Angela my friend and one of our programmers idea). If your questioning why theirs a post on a Thursday well that’s actually understandable being that we normally don’t post on Thursday’s. However I showed up on a fluke and a few people were here. So well were making some adjustments on our robot I figured I’d throw a quick post up for the night. So I figure I’ll give you a quick run down of the situation . Were just sort of finagling some pieces on the bot and honestly that’s it the whole thing is very chill and relaxed . That’s all for today.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Welcome back to another day at team Flurb! Today we have a lot of things we have to do, as bag day is rapidly approaching. The building team today is finalizing the robot, and the business team is generating sponsor logos for the robot. Also systems and control are working on the final wiring configurations. We are in the homestretch-at least for building. Our drive team will soon be hitting the practice field to work on our on the field strategy.

Monday February 11, 2019

Welcome back folks, today’s a rather interesting day due to the fact that only a quarter of the team is in room 312. The programming and building team are in a different location perfecting designs on our robot so that we can begin to practice before the competition season starts. However, the business team is here doing a special project for our quest to help team Flurb go green. We’ve designed a logo and our initials to go on a special red water bottle so that our team can use water bottling filling stations at our school and others in our area. This will help to ensure we don’t use nearly as many disposable plastic waters during practice and at competitions and therefore help contribute our piece to helping reduce pollution on Earth. That’s all for right now Flurbies. See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Welcome back to a wonderful day at the Flurb workshop.  We again have many things to do today and not a lot of time to do it, so it’s going to be a blast!  First thing is the business team will be working on today’s blog post (#breaking the fourth wall).  We’ll also be working on trying to fix a Cricut air 2 so that will be fun! The building team will be working on the robot–that’s right with 15 days till bag day they will build 2 robots: 1 prototype and the competition one. This represents a pretty hefty task list, but with a positive attitude, they will get it done. The programming will be working on coding and working on the calculations for Limelight. It’s pretty involved, but I’m positive they will get it done. So that’s all for Team Flurb today!

I would also like to mention The Times Herald, our local newspaper which recently published an article about our new BWARA practice field. They did a great job with it and really highlighted the collaboration which created the space. If would like to read the article, please click on the link below.   Have a nice day, and as always, stay tuned for the next Flurb post!

Friday , February 1, 2019

Welcome back. Today was filled with lots of fun. Our team made our way down to the BWARA practice field to set up field elements. We had a blast setting up and are one step closer to finishing the field.  While we were constructing the field, the building team was working to finish the final design for our robot. So that will do it for today. Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Welcome back! Today’s is going to be fun as we have lots to do. First thing first…our business team has a lot to do so that will be fun.  The building team is again working on the final design for the robot. The programming team is working with Limelite. It’s a vision/camera program and the coders are trying to figure out if the robot can recognize the vision tape.  They are deep into intricate math calculations to determine the appropriate angles. Sooooo, that will do it for today. Stayed tuned for next week’s post.

Saturday January 19, 2019

At an early 10 AM the Flurb team braved the frigid temperatures and a wee bit of snow to be here at practice. So here’s the scoop on today. Our dearest builders are building our robot’s frame. Our phenomenal programmers are playing around with our bot’s camera controls. The business team is playing around with our blog and finalizing our t-shirt designs. It has been a very productive day here at Team Flurb headquarters.