Saturday, February 2, 2019

Welcome back! Today’s is going to be fun as we have lots to do. First thing first…our business team has a lot to do so that will be fun.  The building team is again working on the final design for the robot. The programming team is working with Limelite. It’s a vision/camera program and the coders are trying to figure out if the robot can recognize the vision tape.  They are deep into intricate math calculations to determine the appropriate angles. Sooooo, that will do it for today. Stayed tuned for next week’s post.

Saturday January 19, 2019

At an early 10 AM the Flurb team braved the frigid temperatures and a wee bit of snow to be here at practice. So here’s the scoop on today. Our dearest builders are building our robot’s frame. Our phenomenal programmers are playing around with our bot’s camera controls. The business team is playing around with our blog and finalizing our t-shirt designs. It has been a very productive day here at Team Flurb headquarters.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Welcome back! Today is going to be a very busy day for team 5843. We have many things to do today. The build team is still working on ideas for our new robot which no doubt going to be awesome!! Our businesses team is writing this blog. The systems and controls team is working on code for the swerve drive. Thanks for tuning in for this week’s blog post and as always check back in next week

Saturday 12, 2019

Hey guys,  welcome back to Flurb’s blog. On this  very  collaborative Saturday morning  meeting were all gathered here to get everything ready for the upcoming week. A few of our members tomorrow will be attending  and presenting at the BWARA design review, which is where all of the teams from our area show off their design so far and explain the process that went into it. So we’re setting up our Power Point for the presentation. While preparing for that our programmers are finagling with last seasons robot and its programming. Our builders are looking at design ideas and using CAD to model them. That’s about it for today. Good luck for tomorrow Flurb!







Friday, January 11, 2019

welcome back today is filled with a lot of stuff the first thing we did was as a team we discussed about what we are doing to day so hear are what we are doing. the building team is using vex to build a prototype arm for the new robot the programming team is working on cad and the business team is working on today’s blog which im writhing right now so thats all for today and make sure to stay tooned for next weeks blog

Tuesday January 8, 2019

Today is a great day in Flurb as are most days. We are working on CADing our design for this season. Well we all work on our own little projects updating programs and figuring out our strategy for the new season.  We had a little bit of fun with last season’s robot Nancy.  Fun, you ask? Well today our high school had a home basketball game and we got to execute a plan two years in the making. During the basketball we drove the robot down to concession stand. We picked up a basket and attached a note and money to the crate asking for popcorn. And it worked! I’d say it was a pretty good day here at Flurb.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Welcome back and happy New Year. Today we are working on many things. The programming team is working on a CAD model, our build team is working on the level 2 platform for the robot to climb on and testing an idea we have for a ball/hatch gripper. We also had a blast at the kickoff event so that’s all for today.


Hey guys we’re back and on this chilly December Tuesday night the flurb team is split in two.   Half of our team is with one of our sponsors Henshaw working to construct this years new pit. The other half of our team is here in room 312 working on important things like swerve drive and vision. Swerve Drive allows for our robot to go around a whole 360 degrees. Vision is a camera that’s attached  to our bot and it allows for our robot to see whats going on around it and recognize different shapes, which may be important for our upcoming competition. That’s it for this blog post tonight, see you soon!


Welcome back! Our team is working on many things today.  The team is working on  the swerve drive. The build team is trying to make the swerve drive code better today. Last Sunday we got to test the swerve drive and, let me tell you, it worked great! The programmers did a great job coding  it. Another thing our team discusses today was what our team wanted to do with our team shirts. It looks like we are going to be changing it quite a bit, so thats all for today but make sure to tune in for next week’s post.


Welcome back to the blog! Today we are working on many things . First off on the behalf of the whole Team 5843,  I would like to thank Henshaw for helping us build our  brand new pit so we can perform better. Another thing we are working on is our programming. Our lead coders,   Matt and Angela are working on the swerve drive code, which is essential in programming so this robot can move.  So that does it for today.  Make sure you stay tuned to next week’s post.